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To: user@ant. Subject: exec and shell scripts Hi all, I want to use an ant script to call a shell script on a Unix platform doesn't seem to matter which - we use Linux, Solaris and AIX and have the same problem on all. The problem I have is that the shell script is actually a script in one. 11/04/2008 · /web/scripts dir has a build.xml and command 'ant -Dname=xxx register' executes properly from Linux command prompt. I am trying to execute the same from my java code. Following is the code snippet for the quick reference. And it throws exception saying 'ant' not found. If you run Ant as a background process like ant & and use the task with spawn set to false, you must provide explicit input to the forked process or Ant will be suspended because it tries to read from the standard input. Parameters. ant exec verbose script. How to lookup the latest git commit hash from an ant build script 10 How can I lookup the latest git commit hash from an ant build script? I am currently working on a new open source project which I store on github. I would.

execute script in background with ANT. Hi, I am running script in background with exec task in ant file. But the issue is ant target waits for the script execution to complete. But ideally, I. Use Ant Exec task for Linux Shell Commands Date Wed 27 February 2013 Category Android Tags ant / exec. Suppose we use. Here we create one task, namely exec task, to execute our commands. Pay special attention to our first command, find. More specifically, how we redirect the output here.

Re: Using Ant to a shell script: Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 18:26:33 GMT: The executable should be 'expect' not 'sh', as below. The command line equivalent of what you did is not:./reactor_smoketest but /bin/sh./reactor_smoketest which is very much not what you want:. Try this commandline to check for yourself that it does the same as. How to use Exec task Print; Exec. It has been reported on the VMESA-LISTSERVthat shell scripts invoked via the Ant Exec task must have their interpreter specified, i.e.,. this gives access to facilities not normally available through the VM including, under Windows, being able to execute scripts. while i execute the target, i am sure the "setENV.cmd" is run well, but the "doThings.exe" can't work well, that means the two exec tasks are not run within the same command shell, who can tell me how to config the ant to run the two exec tasks within the same shell? Thanks. shell scripts ¿Cómo uso la tarea exec de Ant para ejecutar comandos canalizados? scripts bash ejemplos 3 Estoy intentando ejecutar el siguiente comando usando la tarea 'exec' en Ant: ls -l / foo / bar wc -l. Actualmente, mi exec se ve así:

How do I execute a batch file or shell script from Ant? On native Unix systems, you should be able to run shell scripts directly. On systems running a Unix-type shell for example, Cygwin on Windows execute the command shell instead - cmd for batch files, sh for shell scripts - then pass the batch file or shell script plus any arguments to the script as a single command, using the /c or. Ant exec task -- unable to execute a. or if it's even possible? Perhaps I should put the commands I want to run into a script and just call that script from the exec task. Hand Posts: 188. posted 13 years ago. I ended up putting the dos2unix commands in a shell script file and now I call that script from within the ant task, it.

17/01/2013 · This repo is a conversion of the ControlTier 3.6 wiki documentation contents to work in github/gollum - gschueler/controltier-wiki. shell-script - 为什么`exec 2>&1`在这个bourne shell脚本中失败了? Shell脚本设置环境变量 如何传递通过shell脚本调用的Ant脚本的参数?. Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but i din't find any other category for Ant. I am looking to run my ant script buil.xml having some unix commands. I am able to execute the. exec/ant.R defines the following functions: Find an R package R language docs Run R in your browser R Notebooks. ant Version of ant specific to R. Package index. Search the ant package. Vignettes. Package overview Man pages. 2. ant: Apache Ant build tool; ant-package. Inside a build we are using a ant exec task in order to run a command sqlplus. This works if I run the ant script on my local machine.

20/11/2012 · Cannot execute SCM from Ant build script while RTC is running, message is "Another RCP application is running in this sandbox", exit code 27 0 Vladislav Ponomarev 1.

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